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Selected Plays

Photo by Jackie Romeo
Actors: Bridget Elise Yingling, Steph Seiden

You Have To Promise

full-length, 4W

Seventeen-year-olds Maeve and Nessa have been best friends their entire lives. Three months ago, they discovered what they had was more than a friendship. When they decide to come out to their families together, Nessa's father kicks her out and the girls scramble to come up with a solution, all the while lying to Maeve's stepmother and trying to dream their way to being grown-up.
  • One of Rachael's monologues is published in the 2021 Smith & Kraus Women's Monologues Anthology!
  • Pride Plays (2020)
  • Finalist, American Stage's 21st Century Voices New Play Festival (2020)

Cast and Creative Team: Audrey Lang, Daniella Berman, Nicole Morris, Avery Shannon Lynch, Wes Tiso, Christina Ruivivar, Sophia Egner

Birdie and Cait and the Book of Life

full-length, 4W

When her mother dies, Birdie is uprooted from New York City to London, where her older sister Annika lives, works, and grew up, just before Rosh Hashanah and the start of her senior year of high school. There, Birdie meets Caitriona--also a transplant to London, but from Ireland, where her parents washed their hands of her behavioral issues and burgeoning lesbian identity, sending her to live with her sister Siobhan. All four women navigate the aftermath of their various traumas and find ways to start knowing each other better, as Birdie wrestles with what the Book of Life means this Jewish New Year.
  • Residency with Original Idiots' The Generator (2020-21)
  • Residency with The Workshop Theater's Fall Writers' Intensive (2020)

Photo by Audrey Lang
Actors: Lydia Kelly, Agnes Scotti

alex getting better

full-length, 5W

College sophomore Alex tries to sort through the reemergence of an old trauma as she spends time with middle school friends, revisits former stomping grounds, and with help from her therapist, finds the words for what happened to her in seventh grade.
  • U.K. Premiere with Theatre Zima/Bread and Roses Theatre (June 2022) - Get tickets here.
  • Audio Production with The Garden of Voices: a Podcast Theatre Troupe (2021) - Listen now on most podcast platforms.

Photo by Jewish Plays Project
Cast and Creative Team: Sara Rodriguez, Elsa Dees, Maeve Press, Erika Wasko, Laura Helm, Audrey Lang, Celia Mei Rubin, Molly Richardson

Lily Ineffable

full-length, 6W

In the last two weeks of her run in the kids' ensemble of Matilda, Lily makes the amulet of the Jewish mythological figure Lilith for a social studies project. She feels a kinship with Lilith that she can't explain to her friends, her sister, or her sister's girlfriend--a kinship she doesn't understand herself until she learns that Adam, the adult cast member she used to have a crush on, is coming back to Matilda as an emergency sub.
  • Finalist & 10-Minute Audio Excerpt with Jewish Plays Project - Listen here.

Photo by Carrie Azano
Actors: Christine Stulik, Lisa Purrone

Dear Anna

full-length, 3W

Anna is Mallaigh's lifeline--her big sister, her best friend, the one person she trusts more than anyone else, the only one who can calm her down and understand her. But as Anna grows up, she starts to pull away from Mallaigh in favor of other relationships. Liz, a teacher at Anna and Mallaigh's high school, becomes the fulcrum in a delicate balancing act of secrets.

Photo by Rafidi
Cast and Creative Team: Kyle Friedman, Rafidi, Daniel Bailin, Audrey Lang, Liz Samuel, Britt Berke, Emily Chester, Stacey Harris, Max Kasler, Lauren Pisano, Shawn K. Jain

Rye Bread

full-length, 3W 2M 1W or NB

Rye (short for Riley) is a precocious sort-of high school graduate, trying to find meaning and purpose in the summer internship she's been forced to do for her cousin Tessa to make up the credit for her failed Econ class. But what meaning and purpose is there really to an office with rats running around and the other intern who won't let her so much as sit down at the computer? Her moms "Dr. Kate" and "Rabbi Rachel" want her to stick it out, but Rye's not sure that even a goal as important as graduating high school can get her through this summer.
  • Semi-Finalist, Play-Makers Spokane's Women Are Funny Prize (2020)

Photo by Undiscovered Countries
Actors: Layla Capers, Ava Briglia

Indoor Voices

full-length, 4W 2M

Fifth-grade teacher Sophie Donnelly is just trying to get through each day. Her wife, Carina, a professional soccer player, is pregnant with their first child, and two of her students, Avery and Janie, have started asking her questions about whether it's okay to like another girl. Overwhelmed and stressed, Sophie can't help but wonder: if she doesn't even know how to answer Avery and Janie, what will she do when she has a child of her own?
Photo by Emily Lang
Actors: India Chai, Camille Harris

Sierra Nevada

ten-minute, 2W

Sierra's teacher tries to find out why she "BS'ed" a writing assignment on the story of her name, and what might be going on at home.

Photo by Clovis Cunha
Actors: Nalân Burgess, Fiona McKinnon

who's mom and who's mama

ten-minute, 2W

Sasha and Noelle, about to adopt their first child, deal with their hopes and anxieties far from home.
  • The play is published in the 2021 Smith & Kraus Ten-Minute Plays Anthology!
  • Winner, IC New Play Incubator Golden Egg Award (2020)

Photo by The Theater Collective
Actors: Victoria Csatay, Celena Vera Morgan


ten-minute, 2W

Sisters Jaden and Miranda discover their relationship is strained when they return Jaden's books to the campus bookstore ahead of Jaden's college graduation and Miranda's soon-to-follow middle school graduation.

Actor: Jordan Kisner

The Well of Miriam

monologue, 1W

What if everything we knew about Moses and Miriam crossing the Red Sea was wrong? A lesbian take on a story we all think we know from the Old Testament.
  • Written for The 24 Hour Plays Viral Monologues - Round Fourteen: Pride Plays.