Most recently, I completed an independent study at Ithaca College focused on Steven Levenson's play If I Forget. I did both conceptual and practical research on the play and the varied topics it addresses, culminating in a paper on the responsibility of Jewishness on a micro level within the family (specifically when it comes to elder care) and on a macro level within the larger society and world (especially with regards to genocides). As part of this independent study, I also directed and dramaturged a staged reading of If I Forget performed by student actors at Ithaca College. Jewish identity, genocide, and the Holocaust are some of my particular areas of interest and focus, making If I Forget a piece I was naturally very drawn to, but I am eager to explore other plays and topics as a dramaturg and researcher.

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I have also presented at several conferences, including the 2018 MAPACA Conference in Baltimore, MD, on If I Forget and the ten stages of genocide (and where the U.S. fell in those ten stages at that point in time); the 2018 Statera Conference in Milwaukee, WI, with fellow students and professor Kathleen Mulligan, on our devised theatre piece On Common Ground; and the 2017 Whalen Symposium in Ithaca, NY, about the major female characters in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

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